Importance of Link Building in SEO done by the Digital Marketing


When we think of Search Engine Optimization or, more commonly known, SEO, certain

things come to our mind, especially if we are familiar with the process. Those things include

the content, the keywords, page titles, meta description, and of course the links.

Link building is something that digital marketing agencies do to bring strength to your


Usually, when the matter of links comes in SEO, people tend to feel that they do not hold

much importance, However, that is quite contrary to reality. The link-building process is of

much significance in today's time in the field of SEO owing to several factors. We will

get into the importance of Link Building in SEO later, first let us tell you what Link Building is.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the procedure of acquiring links to your website from other websites. Search

engines crawl both links between individual pages on your website and links between entire

websites to determine what constitutes a quality link.

A link to your website informs Google that it is a credible source on the subject and worthy of

citation. Websites with more backlinks typically rank higher on Google. SEOs refer to this as

" link juice" on occasion.

Although the complexity and difficulty of the various link-building approaches vary, link-

the building is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of an SEO job. Furthermore, not every

connection is made equally. A link from the Guardian or domain, for example, will be

far more valuable to you than one from an unidentified travel writer's website.

The Importance of Link Building in SEO.

Below we have listed a few of the major factors that give importance to the process of link


1. Link Building Gives Your Site Credibility  

Links give your website credibility because they act as outside indicators of your domain's

authority. Google wants to provide users with the most relevant results that are possible. It

uses "authority" to accomplish this. The greater the number of high-quality links pointing to

your website, the more credible it is. According to Google's logic, reputable publishers will

link to your material because it will improve their user experience. Five quality connections

usually outnumber fifty unhelpful ones, so try to only build links from reputable websites.

Take into account the number of sites from which you are linking. It is preferable to receive

10 links from 10 different authoritative domains rather than 10 from a single domain.

2. To make your Site Rank these Links Are Used By Google.

More than half of Google's ranking factors are not taken into account without link

development. Even if your website has excellent content, Google will not give it a higher

ranking if there are no links pointing to it. Google's algorithm relies heavily on links. More

backlinks is equal to ranking higher than your competitors. Yes. To rank higher than your

competitors, you should have more backlinks.

Participate in activities deemed valuable by Google's algorithms, such as attempts to

establish value and authority. Share your unique, original content. To improve your results,

create more trustworthy, interesting, and relevant links.

3. Backlinks Will Increase Your Traffic

Link development is one of the most effective strategies for attracting relevant audiences

from authoritative websites in the industry. By focusing on themes and audiences that are

important to you, you can increase traffic from outside sources, and web traffic is a good

indicator of the health of your website.

4. It eventually leads to and site metrics.

If you' re familiar with SEO, you' ve probably heard terms like Domain Authority (DA), Domain

Rating (DR), Page Rank (PR), Alexa Rank, and others. By building backlinks, you can

improve these indicators and the overall health of your website. Furthermore, visibility and

exposure will improve.

5. Increases your revenue potential.

Increased traffic and improved statistics result in more revenue-generating opportunities.


Your website will rank higher in search engine results, bringing you more potential


customers. This implies that you' ll be able to sell more goods and services while also


generating new revenue streams.